ACAAI Review for the Allergy & Immunology Boards, Third Edition
The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology has released the completely updated book, ACAAI Review for the Allergy & Immunology Boards. This board review book is directed to allergists and immunologists of all levels.

Allergen Extract Mixing Quiz: ACAAI Members 2019
Allergen Extract Mixing Quiz: Non-members 2019
The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology recommends anyone who prepares extract, takes the Allergenic Extract Preparation Quiz, media-fill test and gloved fingertip-thumb sampling tests annually.

Allergy Office Modules
Real-world allergy practice management advice packaged in bite-sized chunks that can be quickly implemented in your practice.

Allergy Testing Coding and Billing Essentials
Allen Goldsobel, MD, FACAAI and Carminia Lopez, discuss why allergy practices need to focus on both coding and billing practices to maximize reimbursement for allergy testing.

Bedside vs. Webside Manner: Advances in Telehealth for Allergists
Telehealth can improve access to care and health outcomes, but what are the challenges? What is the current telemedicine landscape and how can it work for allergy practices?

Best Practices in Office Collections
Jason Biddy, MBA, administrator for Alabama Allergy and Asthma Center, tackles this delicate topic.

Beyond E&M Coding: Procedures and More
James Tracy, DO, FACAAI,  Jennifer Kuehn, CPC, and Jean Owen, MBA, CT (ASCP) discuss E&M coding and how and when to do procedures/tests on the same day as an E&M visit.

Billing, Coding and Your Bottom Line
Gary Gross, MD, FACAAI, addresses allergy coding questions.

Biologics Basics: Pearls, Profits and Pitfalls
James Tracy, DO, FACAAI, and Jennifer Kuehn, CPC, discuss options for providing biologics to patients, as well as tips and tricks from a practice that uses both "buy and bill" and specialty pharmacies to provide biologics.

Empathic Communication: Yes, you can teach it!
This webinar will define empathic communication and identify strategies for employees and physicians to improve communication with patients, families, and each other. 

Everything you wanted to know about CPT 95165
Billing for allergy extract (95165) is becoming limited across a broad spectrum of insurance carriers. This webinar addresses one of the most important topics for allergists.

Financial Trends for Allergists 2018
This webinar reviews the latest Allergy/Immunology financial data from the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA)

Financial Trends for Allergists 2019
Our experts review the latest allergy/immunology financial data from the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), Medscape and CMS. 

How to be an Advocate for Allergists
Stephen Imbeau MD, FACAAI and John Seyerle MD, FACAAI will address how allergists can impact issues important to the future of allergy by advocating at the local, state and federal level.

Human Resources Basics for Today’s Allergy Practices
Kay Tyler, CEO of Family Allergy & Asthma, discusses the must-have policies and procedures for your practice. 

Is the sky falling? Be a SURVIVOR!
In our everchanging world of medicine, we believe there are issues that hit practicing allergists especially hard. This webinar will help provide the information needed for you to strengthen your practice model.

Let’s Cycle Through Revenue Cycle Management
Kay Tyler, MBA and Tom Derrico walk through the key steps of a successful revenue cycle management process to help you capture every dollar you’re owed.

Marketing Magic
Michael Rupp, MD, FACAAI and John Tole, DO, FACAAI show you how you can give your allergy practice a boost by promoting it to patients, physicians and the community.

Optimize your allergy practice
Practice Management Committee experts discuss ways to make your practice more efficient and give examples from their practices.

Compliance Program Updates--Debt collections and Medicare requirements
Kay Tyler, CEO of Family Allergy & Asthma, will get you up to speed on the many changes to compliance programs.

Practice Manager Roundtable
The roundtable features a Q&A with two allergy practice management experts. 

Prior Authorizations from the Insurance Company Perspective
This presentation provides recommendations for filing successful prior authorizations and offers perspective on prior authorizations from the insurance company point of view. 

Social Media Strategies for Allergists
David Stukus, MD, FACAAI, dives into what allergists need to know to succeed on social media.

Annual Meeting Content
The following courses from our On Demand versions of previous annual meetings contain practice management-related content. Please click their descriptions for more information.
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