Medical Licensure

No diplomate will lose their certification this year or next as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. The expiration date for certificates expiring in 2020 have been extended to 12/31/2021

Diplomates seeking to participate in the ABAI MOC Program must attest to having a current, valid, unrestricted license(s) to practice medicine in the United States, territories, or Canada. A copy of all of medical licenses displaying the current expiration date will be required when the diplomate is in the last six month block of their 10-year MOC cycle.

For purposes of certification and MOC, a medical license may be deemed "restricted" if, as a result of a final action by a State medical board or other government medical regulatory authority, the physician:

  1. has had his/her license revoked, surrendered, suspended or has been placed on probation for any reason including, but not limited to, where the surrender, suspension or probation was in lieu of revocation or as part of a settlement of a disciplinary action; or
  2. has had special conditions or requirements placed on his/her license including, but not limited to, supervision, mandatory reporting and additional training, whether or not such conditions or requirements were imposed by a state medical board or other government medical regulatory authority or as a result of a voluntary agreement.

Should any action be taken with respect to a physician's medical license at any time, the physician must immediately notify the ABAI, in writing, of the action.  The ABAI may review instances of licensure actions to determine whether such actions constitute a restriction on the physician’s license. A license with restrictions will affect MOC status according to current MOC and/or Board policies of the ABAI.

A physician with a restricted medical license may be subject to the ABAI's Certificate Revocation and Suspension Policy.