Continuous Assessment Program (CAP)

Diplomates demonstrate through the Continuous Assessment Program (CAP), that they have the fundamental, practice/environment-related knowledge to provide quality care to their specialty.

CAP promotes a continuous process for lifelong learning and self-assessment to keep skills clinically relevant and knowledge current in a rapidly changing practice environment.

ABAI CAP timeline is as indicated below:

BLOCK ONE - Opens February 15 through July 15
CME Credit will be available through the Academy

Article Review Session at AAAAI Annual Meeting and online on the AllergyWatch.  

BLOCK TWO - Opens August 15 through January 15
CME Credit will be available through the College.
Article Review Session online at the College Learning Connection.


During each 6-month cycle, you will:

The tests are "open book;" however, there is a time restriction for each question. For more information, see "MOC Part III: Cognitive Expertise"  or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Continuous Assessment Program (CAP)