The Allergenic Extract Quiz was developed to demonstrate that those preparing extract are doing so in a sterile manner and are following the current USP Chapter 797 guidelines. Extract preparation guidelines, a physician instruction guide, a list of vendors who sell media fill kits, and a copy of the allergy specific USP 797 section are available to help prepare for taking the quiz.

Successful completion of the written quiz demonstrates specific training and knowledge of mixing extracts and fulfills one component of the Allergen Immunotherapy Extract Preparation educational process.  In addition, a media fill test must also be completed by anyone who prepares or dilutes allergenic extract. The media fill test is an actual, physical demonstration that the extract preparer can transfer material, in a sterile fashion, from one vial to another.

College members may take the quiz at no charge.  

Staff of current College members--who are not ACAAI members themselves--may access and take the quiz at a reduced rate of $25 per extract preparer. Enter your member’s coupon code--or request it from sure to include your physician's name with your request. Enter the coupon code at checkout, which will automatically discount the cost of the quiz to $25. 

Non-ACAAI members and non-ACAAI member staff can purchase the quiz for $100. 

Also, check out our recent webinar on CPT 95165. Billing for allergy extract (95165) is becoming limited across a broad spectrum of insurance carriers. This recorded webinar addresses one of the most important topics for allergists. Free for College members!