The College’s CAP Review program has been helping prepare allergists for Part 3 MOC since the advent of the ABAI’s Continuous Assessment Program (CAP) in 2018. This literature-style review covers the majority of Block 2 articles and is designed to focus on key aspects of the study design, results and implications for practice. Participants can apply the information learned during this review toward their Block 2 assessment of the CAP cycle.

The sessions are presented by topic and individual speaker. Scroll down to see all the presentations. To view each session in full screen, move your mouse over the video and click the  button. When you are done, press the ESC key.

Welcome and IntroductionsKristin C. Sokol, MD, FACAAI

Head/NeckJeremy S. Katcher, MD, FACAAI

AnaphylaxisAnne K. Ellis, MD, MSc, FACAAI

LungBrian T. Kelly, MD, MA, FACAAI

Food & Drug Allergy/Hypersensitivity ReactionsCallie Hammond, MD

Emerging National Health PrioritiesAnnette F. Carlisle, MD

DermatologicKelly M. Maples, MD, FACAAI

Immune Hypersensitivity DisordersNikita Raje, MD, FACAAI

ImmunodeficienciesBenjamin Prince, MD, FACAAI

Eosinophilic or Gastrointestinal DisordersGerald B. Lee, MD, FACAAI