Module 1: Reducing Patient No-Shows


It happens to even the best-run practices at least once or twice a week: The day is running like clockwork; patients, physicians, nurses, and office staff are waltzing around in a carefully choreographed dance; and then... Mrs. Smith doesn’t show up for her 2:30 appointment. Not only does this throw a wrench in the rhythm of the day, but it also costs the practice precious time and money.

While it might seem like no-shows and late cancellations are just an inevitable part of running a physician’s office, there are ways to minimize this problem.

In this module, we will...

  • Define no-show rate.
  • Discuss why a practice’s no-show rate is important.
  • Explore common causes of no-shows.
  • Identify strategies to reduce no-shows.
  • Explain how to benchmark your practice’s no-show rate and create a plan to reduce it.