Asthma eYardstick
Pediatric Asthma eYardstick
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COLA: Pathogenesis of Asthma
This presentation covers the immunohistopathologic features of asthma, airway remodeling, T lymphocytes, asthma control, agents for severe asthma, and emerging biotherapeutics.
House Dust Mite Allergy Evidence-Based Management-Separating Truth from Fiction
Patients with house dust mite allergy and asthma comprise a major number of patients cared for by the allergist. This activity will review the latest published data on house dust mite management and break many of the myths of “what works best” for our patients. 
Step Up Care for Childhood Asthma - The Pediatric Asthma Yardstick
The Pediatric Asthma Yardstick provides an in-depth assessment of when and how to step-up therapy for children with poorly-controlled asthma.The Yardstick includes patient profiles and step-up strategies based on current guidance documents but modified according to newer data and the authors' combined clinical experience.
Annual Meeting Content
The following courses from our On Demand versions of previous annual meetings contain asthma-related content. Please click their descriptions for more information.
On Demand 2017 Advanced Practice Health Care Providers Course
On Demand 2017 Allied Health Professionals
On Demand 2017 Alternative Therapies (MOC)
On Demand 2017 Childhood Asthma (MOC)
On Demand 2017 Literature Review
On Demand 2017 Which T2 Biologic is Best Suited for GINA 4-5 Non-responders? (MOC)
On Demand 2018 Advocacy Council Coding and Government Regulations Update (MOC)
On Demand 2018 Evaluation of a Patient With Secondary Immune Deficiency (MOC)
On Demand 2018 Hot Topics in Pediatric Allergy (MOC)